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March 14, 2010

Dear colleagues,

This sowing and reaping thing has become such a cliche in our lives. We have heard this analogy since we were young. Nevertheless, why we often still question what happens to our lives. When something bad occurs, we tend to find somebody else to blame, instead of reflecting and figuring out what we sowed.
It is only logical when we sow apple seed we will reap apples, when we sow pears we will reap pears. But many times, we reap bitter gourd and complain about the bitterness without realizing that it is the bitter gourd’s seed we sow. We want to reap something sweet but we plant bitter seed.
Like in our relationships, for example. we complain and question why we receive such a treatment from others. Then we blame those people for “lacking of communication skills and people skills”. Really??? Is it really THEIR fault? What have we done ourselves? Have we looked into it as well?
Many people are afraid to admit that they have planted the bitter seeds in the past. Maybe they are embarrassed or ashamed. so the easiest escape is to blame others. Acceptance and honesty of what we have done, realizing our deeds and then make peace with ourselves is the key of living a life without blame. If we have planted the seeds of sweetness, we can have faith that we will reap sweetness. Still, if we reap bitterness from the seed of sweetnes, at least we can live in acceptance that we have done the right thing.

I will close this week’s QOTW (Quote of The Week) with a story:

Once upon a time, an old king is looking for his successor for the throne. He has three sons and all of them are eligible for the crown. The old king then tests the three princes. He summons all three and present them three packets containing little black seeds. He says,
“My sons, this is the test to see who shall continue my kingship. I want you all to plant and care for the seeds. In three months, I shall see what comes out of those little grains. The one with the most beautiful harvest will be the next ruler of this kingdom. Now you can choose your package”.
After three months, the king calls upon the princes and asks about the result of their hard work. The youngest prince comes forward and says,
“Father, I have put every effort to care for the seeds. Now see what I have for you”.
The young prince presents baskets full of various fruits, all from the best of their kinds and of the best qualities. The second son then comes forward and says,
“Father I did not have any idea what seeds you gave us. Still, I gave them the fullest attention. I even neglected my wife and children just to care for them. Behold what I have for you, Father”.
The second prince then presents carriages after carriages of beautiful and most colorful flowers ever to be seen, flowers of all kinds.
Then it’s the oldest son’s turn. He says,
“My Father, my King, I have done exactly as you told me to. I planted the seeds. I watered them everyday, made sure they receive enough sunlight. After a week or so, I didn’t see any progress. So, what I did was I involved my wife and children in caring for the seeds. We spent hours everyday on the seeds. Until the last day, nothing came up, my King. Nevertheless, I would like to thank you. This assignment has brought me closer to my family. The time I spent with them was more precious than any wealth or throne in the world. Forgive me if I have failed you, Father. Whatever your decision is, I will respect that and I will always honor you as my King and my father”.
The King stands up,
“Listen to me, all of you. I have boiled all the seeds and dried them. There is no way you can get anything from those little black grains. Now it is clear for me that some of you are willing to do anything, even to lie, just to get your hands on the throne. However, one of you, my oldest son, has proven himself worthy of the kingship. Not only he was honest and accepting that he couldn’t get anything from the seeds, he was also able to reap another kinds of fruits – his family relationships – from those useless seeds. He shall be my successor. As for the two of you, second and third princes, I have no place in my kingdom for lies and dishonesty”.

Have a blessed week, my friend.

(Contribution of Ampunghuang R. Patriadi)


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