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Enthusiasm and Building Respect Will Plunk Training People Into Strategics

March 14, 2010

“Respect is not earned by the amount printed in your check book, nor from the title printed in your name card.  Respect is earned when you successfully changed someone/something for the best.” Donna Mc Meredith


Let’s get whimsical.  Get into the head of your financial controller.  And the operation is on low season.  What do you see?  A progress of building thoughts that you are the first person that he/she is going to call.  About what?  Of course, about reviewing your training activities.  Why me?  Come on, everyone knows that training department is one of the cost centers in an organization.

Too often, that happens.  And that’s ok, as long as the management still respects you and does anything needed appropriately, in a proper standard.  And you can still be seen as a meaningful outlay.  But how to be seen that way?

Two ingredients combined: enthusiasm and building respects.

Enthusiasm will always be remembered by everyone in the company.  YOUR enthusiasm will add your credibility to you company.  The way you appear, the way you speak, the way you smile, the way you do anything extraordinarily, the way you get along well with everyone in the company; those ‘the ways” will create an influence at executive committee level.  They will support you, and with their support, training is always something imminent, no matter what.

Enthusiasm shouldn’t go alone.  Anything you do must be proven auspicious.  A bit fairylilke, but as I said in my first sentence of this small note, get whimsical!  Think training like a riddle.  Play it from the starting point.  And what is the starting point?  Of course, first you have to get the insight to the aptitude of all employees.  What is the second point?  Find out what your company wants.  And craft you “work of art” without forgetting to create the linkage between your first and second points.  So, that is building respect?  No!  Not yet! 

Building respect here is when you institute integrity in your department at the essence.  You don’t stop at “bridging the gap.”  Scrutinize every detail.  Monitor your activities, your effectiveness, etc.

Some real actions to show your enthusiasm and for building respect: Have a frequent conversation with your executive committee members regarding their vision, and respond to it through details of your activities. Make a daily folder as a framework to work within.  Don’t forget to list the “to-dos” and stick to it so everyone knows that they can only deal about certain things with you on certain days. You have any other ideas?  Please do them consistently!


(Contribution of Tedi Irawan)


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