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The Simplest Ways to Being Trustworthy

March 14, 2010

Some of you might have ever gone through this. As a training manager you do personnel issues more than you do training and development, because the situation urges you to shift focus from personnel to training back and forth, your boss says. Submitting to your fate as part of an understaffed HR team might be a wise thinking in a way. But how can you be credible when even your own job doesn’t get enough attention from you?
If the above situation happens and you submit to it, you’ll stay ‘standard’. Your department (yes, training is a department, not merely a section) will be seen generic while the term ‘world-class’ is the new standard now. And no one is to blame but you, because you hold the title.
The fact that in some companies training and development function is laid lower than personnel administration derives from the misguided perception on training people in the above situation. There is no chance for those training people to show the world that actually training people are specialists, not generalists, and that they actually should be paid more than generalists.

To be considered specialists you have to be trustworthy. To be trustworthy you have to be‘world-class.’ From an article written by Bryan K. Williams (B. Williams Enterprise, LLC, USA – I reckon that a ‘world-class’ is the one whose performance is outstanding and unique it can not be regained from anyone else’s in the world. In the case of training managers, you have to be a successful inspiration to all employees, and you have to be branded in every aspect. In short, you have to build a sophisticated resume within your company.

The focal question now is how?

Principally, know that your key function is to contribute with answers to the tests your company is facing. The answers should be significant, convincing, applicable, handy, and effectual. The employees you aspire must be flourishing. To do that, you must engage every part of the company and every aspect of your endeavor; because that is the only way you can boom in your company.

First, always establish clear goals and objectives of any of your program. With your own style, do the research to find the materials as the answers to the challenge. Talk to executive committee members and department heads about your goals and objectives, that you have the materials on hand, who the target participants are, and who should help you in delivering the program, and confidently make a presentation of what the result will be if everything goes right. No need to cross your finger, because by doing that you build your trustworthiness at the bottom-line already. And you’ll start to be freed from doing other than training and development matters.

Secondly, don’t forget to always bring measurements in all viewpoints needed to be taken into account. Monetary issue may be the first one, followed by customer viewpoint, internal organization, procedures, and administration practice. And the main viewpoint is of people – every aspect of the employees’ profiles (staffing and development).

Third, make a guideline of what kind of performance is expected, and together with the management create an atmosphere for good results. Here, employee engagement should be saturated in all activities. Emphasize to all managers and supervisor that engaging workers is the daily tasks of theirs.

When you’re successful with the three steps mentioned above, your last step is to show that you are not a ‘no action talk only’ person. Compose an engaging scheme that is an integration of typical training plan and employee engagement programs. Just by succeeding in presenting this plan and program, you have gained the trust at the next level. Keep steady by being always able to come up with a plan and a program whenever any department asks you how to solve a problem.

Simple, isn’t it? Some of you might say ‘no’. I, myself, always say ‘yes’. Show them that they should always go to you, because you have the unique talents and traits in training and development that no other in the world has.

The simplest way is being a ‘world-class’ person. That’s it.


(Conrtibution of Tedi Irawan)


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