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HMPPI Consolidation Meeting

June 29, 2012

Considering the importance of the existence of an association for hospitality training people, some activists of HMPPI called for a consolidation meeting yesterday (28 June 2012).

The meeting was attended by the following:

  1. Cahyadi Pakeh – Director of Learning – Shangri-la Jakarta
  2. Iwan Setiady – Senior Training Manager – Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta
  3. Puji Pratikarini – Corporate Training Manager – Mulia Group
  4. Edwin Saputra – Training Manager – The Park Lane Jakarta
  5. Decky Soegito – Traning Manager – Keraton at The Plaza
  6. Muhamad Daud – People Training Manager – Hotel Indonesia Kempinski
  7. Rekke Juwita – Assistant Director of Learning  Development – Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta
  8. Kurnia Untari – ex-HMPPI Member
  9. Tedi Irawan – ex-Chairman of HMPPI

The meeting was informally held at Cup n Cino, Plaza Semanggi, Ground Floor, Jakarta.

The discussion covered several issues, such as:

  1. Whether it is necessary to change the name of HMPPI.
  2. Appointment of 3 (three) key personnel to sit in the committee (see Committee).
  3. Change of mechanism in the organization, including: annual fee, committee allowance, etc.
  4. Listing of people in charge of training in hotels in Jakarta.  This called for assignments to be done by some attendees.  They will have to submit their works to by Monday, 2 July 2012, 3pm.
  5. Follow-up on the financial status of HMPPI.  This is to be done by Ms. Lilla Adhistiani (ex-Treasurer of HMPPI).
  6. Organization of the first next meeting (Buka Puasa Bersama).  This is to be done by Mr. Tedi Irawan.

All the mentioned above will be discussed further in the Buka Puasa Bersama which is scheduled to be held at the end of July 2012.

We wish HMPPI more success in the future.  This will depend on the active involvement from all members.

Bravo HMPPI!


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  1. thank you to all for reforming the hmppi

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