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Although the name of the organization bears the words “Training Manager”, however, the organization welcomes non training manager too, as long as the person is in charge of the training in his/her hotel.

The organization is led by a committee which is elected once every two years. The leader of this committee is called Chairman. Currently, more than 30 hotels in Jakarta and West Java are members of HMPPI.


1997: Pioneered by six people only (Mr. Endang Oesmansjah,
Ms. Syavarina Rianti, Ms. Dyah Ambarwati, Mr. Ampunghuang Reddy Patriadi, Ms. Agnes Tan & Mr. Yodi Soenjoyoputro), HMPPI was initially founded to provide training & development professionals in hotels with a site to exchange ideas and develop each other.

Our Values

  • We share knowledge, catch attitude, and acquire skills together.
  • We believe our creativity is unlimited; there’s a lot of space out of the box.
  • We are open for the new ideas, new people, new environment. 


We are the first place to refer by professionals in Hospitality Industry to build up the knowledge, skills and attitude needed in governing a world-class Training & Development (Learning) Department, and in shaping a splendid learning culture for employees in Hospitality Industry. 


We design an assembly consisting related parties (hospitality companies, schools, resources providers, government bureaus) that conducts a sharing engagement. We conceive a belief that our creativity is unlimited; there’s a lot of space out of the box.

Join HMPPI now!

If you are a training & development professional in a property in hospitality industry, join HMPPI to get an access to strong network, resourceful periodic meetings & learning events, promising personal development, and useful information. We also have a website

An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself.

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